Why Do I Charge a Fee for Read-Aloud Theology?

It’s a fair question.

While I wish I could give everything away, my role teaching at the seminary requires me to supplement my income with secondary sources.

This means a resource like Read-Aloud Theology is not a hobby.

It is an essential part of my family income.

My books, including I am Not the Christ and my upcoming book published by New Growth Press for Serge, Galatians: Navigating Life in View of the Cross, are not free either. Few authors who rely on book sales for income give everything away, unless a ministry, church, or donors fully fund their work.

As far as the subscription fee is concerned for Read-Aloud Theology, I only ask folks to pay for value.

There is a lot of free material out there. If that is better than what you’d pay for here, then free content certainly is a better option for you.

I only ask folks to pay for value.

So, if what you find here provides unique value that can’t be replaced by free resources, I hope you’ll find a small financial investment in quality, easy-to-use, distinctively redemptive discipleship material to be worthwhile.

Thank you for understanding, and for your support. 🙏

Yours, by grace alone,