Lesson Collections

Here is where you’ll find access to all Read-Aloud Theology lesson collections. A lesson collection is a series of lessons that relate to the same theme, topic, or book of the Bible.

Theology 101

This 17-lesson collection introduces the essential doctrines of the historic Christian faith. Three lessons are released each week.

The Gospel

This 18-lesson collection explores key passages related to the heart of the Bible's core message—the good news of God’s grace in the person and work of Jesus.

The Message of John

This 26-lesson collection of lessons explores Jesus' life and ministry from beginning to end, paying attention to key theological aspects of John’s gospel.

The Lord’s Prayer

This 12-lesson collection explores the key themes in the Lord's Prayer.

Faith and Fruit

A 3-lesson collection, Faith and Fruit explores the relationship between grace, faith, and works. Due to the theological nuance and depth of these lessons, they may be better suited for older children. However, feel free to introduce them to younger children, abridging the length, defining the terms, and simplifying the discussion questions.

Themes in Philippians

A 17-lesson guide to understanding and applying the key themes in Paul's letter to his friends in Philippi. Lessons will resume later in 2023.

Bible Overview

Read-aloud summaries of all sixty-six books of the Bible. Coming late 2023.

Passion Week

This is a 7-lesson collection of read-aloud lessons for each day of the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday. Please use discretion. Due to the length of several posts and mature topics, these lessons may be better for families with older children.