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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Read-Aloud Theology really for all ages?

Unless your children are very small, Read-Aloud Theology should be helpful for children and adults. Each lesson is short and simple (but not simplistic). The discussion questions give older children the opportunity to go much deeper. For very young children, I recommend a resource such as the Jesus Storybook Bible as a fantastic read-aloud discipleship tool.

2) How long should each lesson take?

Each lesson may be completed in as little as five minutes. Or, with the discussion questions, you may go much longer—as long as you’d like. This is why the lessons may be used for all ages. The content is adaptable for the age and stage of your family.

3) What about the big words?

In some lessons, especially in the Gospel lessons, I raise the bar a bit with terminology. Children are able to learn far more than we give them credit. It’s why small children are able to learn multiple languages at one time. So, I keep the big words in the lessons at times, but want to be sure to explain them clearly with simple illustrations. If you want to skip lessons with bigger concepts and come back later, that is totally fine. Use the material in the way that best serves your family.